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ExaGrid EX36

Raw capacity 96TB Backup Appliance with Deduplication

ExaGrid's disk backup with deduplication system is the only solution purpose-built for backup that leverages a unique architecture optimized for scalability, performance, and price. The system scales as needed by adding ExaGrid appliances, which virtualize into a GRID architecture automatically, adding capacity and processing power while acting and being managed as one unified system.

ExaGrid's Unique Value Propositions

ExaGrid EX36

ExaGrid provides Tiered Backup Storage with a unique disk-cache Landing Zone, non-network-facing long-term retention repository, and scale-out architecture. ExaGrid’s Landing Zone provides for the fastest backups, restores, and instant VM recoveries. The disk-cache Landing Zone tier allows for the fastest backups and restores. The Repository Tier offers the lowest cost for long-term retention and a non-networkfacing tier to be able to recover from security attacks, such as ransomware. ExaGrid’s scale-out architecture includes full appliances and ensures a fixed-length backup window as data grows, eliminating expensive forklift upgrades and planned product obsolescence.

ExaGrid Tiered Backup Storage makes backup better with:

  • Fastest backups resulting in the shortest backup window
  • Fastest restores
  • Instant VM recoveries in seconds to minutes
  • Fastest offsite tape copies, copy jobs, and AUX copies
  • A fixed-length backup window as data grows, eliminating expensive future forklift upgrades
  • Retention Time-Lock (RTL) to ensure recovery from a ransomware attack – non-networkfacing tier creates a tiered air gap
  • Industry-leading deduplication ratios for storing long-term retention data for low-cost retention storage
  • Deduplication efficiency across the entire system with global deduplication
  • Further deduplicates data already deduplicated by the backup application
  • Virtualized storage efficiency with automatic load balancing
  • Fast, reliable, and up-to-date offsite disaster recovery using Adaptive Deduplication
  • Linear scalability – scale-out architecture – pay as you grow
  • Low cost up front and over time as data grows
  • No forklift upgrades or planned product obsolescence

ExaGrid Basic Concept

ExaGrid appliances work seamlessly with over 25 industry-leading backup applications and database utilities by presenting themselves as standard NAS shares (CIFS or NFS), a Veeam Data Mover target, Veritas NetBackup OST target, or as an S3 object store. ExaGrid appliances are easily integrated into existing backup environments, as illustrated below.

ExaGrid sits behind the existing backup server and replaces straight disk, inline deduplication appliances or tape backup storage, both onsite and offsite.

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ExaGrid Technology Overview

ExaGrid Appliances Connect to Form a Single Scale-Out System

ExaGrid appliances are comprised of processors, memory, networking, IPMI, RAID 6, and a hot spare drive per appliance, using enterprise-class SAS drives and ExaGrid software. See the ExaGrid Technical Specifications data sheet for more details.

Each appliance plugs in and is virtualized into a shared system with a single user interface, global deduplication, and automatic load balancing. The media server is connected to the same network and sees the appliances as one or more NAS shares, Veeam Data Mover targets, Veritas NetBackup OST targets, or S3 Object Storage. Since each appliance includes the appropriate amount of processor, memory, Landing Zone disk, deduplicated repository disk, and bandwidth for the rated data size, performance increases as more appliances are added to the system.

ExaGrid Appliance Models Comparision

ExaGrid’s multiple appliance models can be combined into a single scale-out system with a configuration of up to 32 appliances in a single system for a total of: 13.82PB raw capacity, 12PB of usable capacity, and supports a full backup of up to 6.04PB, total backup logical data capacity of 96.76PB.

ExaGrid Model Raw Capacity (TB) Usable Capacity (TB/PB) Capacity for Weekly Full (TB/PB) Max Backup Thruput (TB/hr) Form Factor Optional Encryption at Rest SEC
ExaGrid Appliances
EX27 72 54 27 6.09 2U
EX36 96 72 36 7.78 2U
EX54 162 108 54 5.81 2U
EX84 192 168 84 15.25 2U
EX189 432 378 189 16.14 2U

In addition, ExaGrid offers these appliances to accomodate larger organizations that have smaller data center locations worldwide:

ExaGrid Model Raw Capacity (TB) Usable Capacity (TB/PB) Capacity for Weekly Full (TB/PB) Max Backup Thruput (TB/hr) Form Factor Optional Encryption at Rest SEC
ExaGrid Appliances for larger organizations with smaller data center locations:
EX10 32 20 10 2.40 2U
EX18 48 36 18 3.60 2U
Note: These values are for currently shipping ExaGrid models and may not reflect older models that had different disk sizes and configurations.


Scales to 32 Appliances in a Single Scale-Out System – 6PB Full Backup / 516TB/hr.

ExaGrid Model Usable Capacity (TB/PB) Capacity for Weekly Fulls (TB/PB) Max Backup Thruput (TB/hr) Form Factor
Example System Configuration
EX378-G 756 TB 378 TB 32.38 4U
EX1134-G 2.26 PB 1.13 PB 96.84 12U
EX2268-G 4.53 PB 2.26 PB 193.68 24U
EX3024-G 6.04 PB 3.02 PB 258.24 32U
EX3780-G 7.56 PB 3.78 PB 322.80 40U
EX4725-G 9.45 PB 4.72 PB 403.50 50U
EX6048-G 12.09 PB 6.04 PB 516.48 64U