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ExaGrid Tiered Backup Storage and IBM Spectrum Protect (TSM)

Simple-to-Manage, Cost-Effective Storage for Fast Backup and Recoveries

When IBM Spectrum Protect (TSM) customers install ExaGrid Tiered Backup Storage in their environment, management becomes dramatically simpler. IBM Spectrum Protect (TSM) and ExaGrid customers can quickly and efficiently back up their data with the lower cost up front and a lower cost over time. ExaGrid is the same performance as low-cost primary storage disk and 3 times faster for backup and up to 20 times faster for restores than traditional inline deduplication appliance solutions.

ExaGrid's Unique Value Propositions

How Does ExaGrid Simplify Management For IBM Spectrum Protect (TSM)?

Instead of managing IBM Spectrum Protect (TSM) primary pools, dedupe pools, dedupe data to pools, secondary pools and tape, administrators simply point IBM Spectrum Protect (TSM) to a ExaGrid Tiered Backup Storage approach.

With ExaGrid, backups are written to and restored from a disk-cache Landing Zone, avoiding in-line processing and data rehydration of inline deduplication ensuring the highest possible performance. ExaGrid is as fast as low-cost primary storage disk and 3 times faster for backup and up to 20 times faster for restores than any traditional inline data deduplication solution. Full backups of 2.7PB are processed at 488TB/hour.

Why Are IBM Spectrum Protect (TSM) Restores Faster With ExaGrid?

ExaGrid maintains the most recent backup in IBM Spectrum Protect (TSM)’s native format, undeduplicated. By keeping the most recent backup in an undeduplicated form, 98% of VM boots, restores and offsite copies (cloud, disk and tape) avoid the lengthy data rehydration process that occurs if only deduplicated data is stored. The result is that you can get your data back in minutes versus hours. In most cases, ExaGrid is at least 20 times faster than any other solution that maintains all data in a deduplicated format. ExaGrid tiers the data for long-term retention into a long-term deduplicated data repository for storage cost efficiency.

IBM Spectrum Protect (TSM) Customers Experience Unparalleled Storage at a Lower Cost With the ExaGrid Intelligent Repository

To ensure the most efficient use of resources, ExaGrid employs Global Deduplication to ensure that all data in the entire system is deduplicated. ExaGrid achieves a 20:1 reduction in storage, compared to an average of 3:1 using IBM Spectrum Protect (TSM) deduplication alone. ExaGrid automatically load balances across all ExaGrid appliances to ensure that no repository is full while others are underutilized. This allows for full storage use of the deduplicated data repository in each of its appliances.

For offsite replication and long-term retention, Landing Zone space and repositories can be configured based upon the environment. For larger backups and a lower retention periods the Landing Zone can be larger and repository smaller. Or, if the backups are smaller and the retention longer, the Landing Zone can be smaller while the repository can be larger. ExaGrid is the only deduplication solution that employs asymmetric storage. Global deduplication, load balancing and configurable sizing allow for the best use of storage resulting in the lowest cost.

Support For the Entire Environment

Many IBM Spectrum Protect (TSM) users also protect critical enterprise databases and virtual environments using secondary solutions. With ExaGrid’s heterogeneous environment support and aggressive global deduplication for long term retention, administrators are able to cost-effectively protect secondary solutions, such as Veeam, SQL Dumps and Oracle RMAN direct dumps, in ExaGrid/IBM Spectrum Protect (TSM) environments without additional management overhead.

ExaGrid takes only a few seconds to configure and is often fully operational within 30 minutes.

See for yourself how ExaGrid and IBM Spectrum Protect (TSM) together achieve Simple-to-Manage, Cost-Effective Storage for Fast Backup & Recoveries.